About Tameka


I’m Tameka, your photographer. I live in beautifully sunny San Diego, California.

I’m just a girl in a love affair with the recorded image.

A creative and imaginative mother of two and surrogate to many!

I’m pretty easy going yet slightly shy and funny.

A people person to the core, I am perpetually fascinated by humans and some animals (“What is a skunk’s purpose anyway?”).

A philosopher? I should have been. I find myself in a never ending quest to demystify living things and the order of the universe.

Believer of Déjà Vu (“I know I’ve had this same experience before!”).

Capturer of moments in time. A lover of good memories.

For me, having the ability to look at images from the past has always made me feel comfortable, like reading a great book in a window seat on a rainy day. My goal is for each of my clients to be transported, through their images, to moments in time and be left with feelings of whimsy on their life’s journey and the journey of those they love as well.

It’s like I always say…


“In humans it’s the growth process. We all evolve and change. Time, it is not on our side people! These seconds, minutes, hours and days, once passed, are gone forever.”

-Tameka Bradford